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2020Additive manufacturing of composite materials and functionally graded structures using selective heat melting techniqueMarkandan, Kalaimani; Lim, Ruijing; Kanaujia, Pawan Kumar; Seetoh, Ian; Muhammad Raziq Mohd Rosdi; Tey, Zhi Huey; Goh, Jun Seng; Lam, Yee Cheong; Lai, Chang Quan
2021Anomalous elastic response of a 3D anti-tetrachiral metamaterialLai, Chang Quan; Markandan, Kalaimani; Lu, Zhen
2019Effect of reinforcement bending on the elastic properties of interpenetrating phase compositesSeetoh, Ian; Markandan, Kalaimani; Lai, Chang Quan
2020Enhanced mechanical properties of 3D printed graphene-polymer composite lattices at very low graphene concentrationsMarkandan, Kalaimani; Lai, Chang Quan
2022Extremely stiff and lightweight auxetic metamaterial designs enabled by asymmetric strut cross-sectionsSeetoh, Ian Peiyuan; Leong, Brendon; Lee, Edmon Yi; Markandan, Kalaimani; Kanaujia, Pawan Kumar; Lai, Chang Quan
2021Improvements in the modulus and strength of multi-dimensional hybrid composites through synergistic reinforcement between 1D fiber and 0D particle fillersMarkandan, Kalaimani; Kanaujia, Pawan Kumar; Abhineet, Jain Palash; Yap, Xiu Yun; Gan, Chee Lip; Lai, Chang Quan
2021Mechanical anisotropy of graphene nanocomposites induced by graphene alignment during stereolithography 3D printingMarkandan, Kalaimani; Seetoh, Ian Peiyuan; Lai, Chang Quan
2021Strength and energy absorption characteristics of Ti6Al4V auxetic 3D anti-tetrachiral metamaterialsSeetoh, Ian Peiyuan; Liu, Xinyi; Markandan, Kalaimani; Zhen, Lu; Lai, Chang Quan
2021Viscoelastic and high strain rate response of anisotropic graphene-polymer nanocomposites fabricated with stereolithographic 3D printingLai, Chang Quan; Markandan, Kalaimani; Luo, Boyang; Lam, Yee Cheong; Chung, Wai Chun; Chidambaram, Arunraj