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2013Detecting genuine multipartite entanglement of pure states with bipartite correlationsMarkiewicz, Marcin; Laskowski, Wiesław; Paterek, Tomasz; Żukowski, Marek
2013Entanglement witnesses with variable number of local measurementsLaskowski, Wiesław; Markiewicz, Marcin; Paterek, Tomasz; Weinar, Ryszard
2014Genuinely multipoint temporal quantum correlations and universal measurement-based quantum computingMarkiewicz, Marcin; Przysiężna, Anna; Brierley, Stephen; Paterek, Tomasz
2012Incompatible local hidden-variable models of quantum correlationsLaskowski, Wiesław; Markiewicz, Marcin; Paterek, Tomasz; Wieśniak, Marcin
2015Nonclassicality of Temporal CorrelationsBrierley, Stephen; Kosowski, Adrian; Markiewicz, Marcin; Paterek, Tomasz; Przysiężna, Anna