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 2012Algebraic fast-decodable relay codes for distributed communicationsHollanti, Camilla; Markin, Nadya
2012A class of iterated fast decodable space-time codes for 2n Tx antennasMarkin, Nadya; Oggier, Frederique
2012Fast decodable codes for 6Tx-3Rx MIMO systemsMarkin, Nadya; Oggier, Frederique
2013Groups and information inequalities in 5 variablesMarkin, Nadya; Thomas, Eldho; Oggier, Frederique
2014Information inequalities and finite groups : an overviewMarkin, Nadya; Oggier, Frédérique
2012Iterated fast decodable space-time codes from crossed-productsMarkin, Nadya; Oggier, Frederique
2011Iterated MIDO space-time code constructionsMarkin, Nadya; Oggier, Frederique
2014On Abelian group representability of finite groupsThomas, Eldho K.; Markin, Nadya; Oggier, Frédérique