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2015Comparative analysis of opto-electronic performance of aluminium and silver nanoporous and nano-wired layersMarus, Mikita; Hubarevich, Aliaksandr; Wang, Hong; Mukha, Yauhen; Smirnov, Aliaksandr; Huang, Hui; Sun, Xiao Wei; Fan, Weijun
 2016Highly efficient ultrathin plasmonic insulator-metal-insulator-metal solar cellHubarevich, Aliaksandr; Marus, Mikita; Fan, Weijun; Smirnov, Aliaksandr; Wang, Hong
2018Novel metallic transparent conductive layers for optoelectronicsMarus, Mikita
2018Optical haze of randomly arranged silver nanowire transparent conductive films with wide range of nanowire diametersMarus, Mikita; Hubarevich, Aliaksandr; Fan, Wei Jun; Wang, Hong; Smirnov, A.; Wang, K.; Huang, H.; Sun, X. W.