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2019Early output quasi-delay-insensitive array multipliersBalasubramanian, Padmanabhan; Maskell, Douglas; Naayagi, R. T.; Mastorakis, Nikos
2019Generalized majority voter design method for n-modular redundant systems used in mission- and safety-critical applicationsChoudhary, Jaytrilok; Balasubramanian, Padmanabhan; Varghese, Danny; Singh, Dhirendra; Maskell, Douglas
2018Hardware efficient approximate adder designBalasubramanian, Padmanabhan; Maskell, Douglas
2018Low power robust early output asynchronous block carry lookahead adder with redundant carry logicBalasubramanian, Padmanabhan; Maskell, Douglas; Mastorakis, Nikos
2018Majority and minority voted redundancy scheme for safety-critical applications with error/no-error signaling logicBalasubramanian, Padmanabhan; Maskell, Douglas; Mastorakis, Nikos
2018A system health indicator for the distributed minority and majority voting based redundancy schemeBalasubramanian, Padmanabhan; Maskell, Douglas; Prasad, Krishnamachar