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 20141,2-dihydrophosphete: A platform for the molecular engineering of electroluminescent phosphorus materials for light-emitting devicesChen, Hui; Pascal, Simon; Wang, Zuoyong; Bouit, Pierre-Antoine; Wang, Zisu; Zhang, Yinlong; Tondelier, Denis; Geffroy, Bernard; Réau, Régis; Mathey, François; Duan, Zheng; Hissler, Muriel
 20122,2′-biphospholes : building blocks for tuning the HOMO-LUMO gap of π-systems using covalent bonding and metal coordinationChen, Hui; Delaunay, Wylliam; Yu, Liujian; Joly, Damien; Wang, Zuoyong; Li, Jin; Wang, Zisu; Lescop, Christophe; Tondelier, Denis; Geffroy, Bernard; Duan, Zheng; Hissler, Muriel; Mathey, François; Réau, Régis
 2014Activation of a 1-chlorophosphirane complex by aluminum trichloride : generation and trapping of [Fc-P-W(CO)5] (Fc = Ferrocenyl)Ho, Feny; Ganguly, Rakesh; Mathey, François
 2013Benzofuran-fused phosphole : synthesis, electronic, and electroluminescence propertiesChen, Hui; Delaunay, Wylliam; Li, Jing; Wang, Zuoyong; Bouit, Pierre-Antoine; Tondelier, Denis; Geffroy, Bernard; Mathey, François; Duan, Zheng; Réau, Régis; Hissler, Muriel
 2014A contribution to the direct observation of transient phosphanylidene complexes [RP=W(CO)5] (R: Me, Ph) : a revisited approach to their electronic structure by UV-photoelectron spectroscopyLabat, Stéphane; Miqueu, Karinne; Sotiropoulos, Jean-Marc; Baylère, Patrick; Pfister-Guillouzo, Geneviève; Huy, Ngoc Hoa Tran; Mathey, François
 2012Generation and reactivity of methylphosphaketene in the coordination sphere of tungstenMao, Yanli; Wang, Zhiyue; Ganguly, Rakesh; Mathey, François
 2012The insertion of terminal phosphinidene complexes into the B---H bond of amine and phosphine boranesTian, Rongqiang; Mathey, François
 2012A new route to a 2-phosphanaphthaleneMao, Yanli; Lim, Kelvin Meng Hui; Ganguly, Rakesh; Mathey, François
 2012A new type of phosphaferrocene–pyrrole–phosphaferrocene P-N-P pincer ligandTian, Rongqiang; Ng, Yongxiang; Ganguly, Rakesh; Mathey, François
 2013The original coordination chemistry of 2-phosphaphenol with copper(I) and gold(I) halidesMao, Yanli; Lim, Kelvin Meng Hui; Li, Yongxin; Ganguly, Rakesh; Mathey, François
 2013The original reactivity of a phosphole-substituted Fischer carbene complexNg, Kim Hong; Li, Yongxin; Ganguly, Rakesh; Mathey, François
 2012A phosphinine 2-carboxaldehydeMao, Yanli; Mathey, François
 2011Reaction of terminal phosphinidene complexes with dihydrogenTing, Liow Yu; Nicholls, Leo; Li, Yongxin; Ganguly, Rakesh; Mathey, François; Duffy, Matthew P.
 2012Role of steric strain in the chemistry of phosphiranesHo, Feny; Li, Yongxin; Mathey, François
 2014The unexpected reactions of boron trihalides with 7-phosphanorbornadiene complexesMei, Yanbo; Tian, Rongqiang; Duan, Zheng; Mathey, François