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2019Directional biases for blink adaptation in voluntary and reflexive eye blinksLau, Wee Kiat; Maus, Gerrit W.
2017Filling-in rivalry : perceptual alternations in the absence of retinal image conflictChen, Zhimin; Maus, Gerrit W.; Whitney, David; Denison, Rachel N.
2018Illusory occlusion affects stereoscopic depth perceptionChen, Zhimin; Denison, Rachel N.; Whitney, David; Maus, Gerrit W.
2016Motion-dependent filling-in of spatiotemporal information at the blind spotMaus, Gerrit W.; Whitney, David
2017The silhouette zoetrope : a new blend of motion, mirroring, depth, and size illusionsVeras, Christine; Pham, Quang-Cuong; Maus, Gerrit W.
2020Stronger perceptual filling-in of spatiotemporal information in the blind spot compared with artificial gapsRevina, Yulia; Maus, Gerrit W.
2017Target displacements during eye blinks trigger automatic recalibration of gaze directionMaus, Gerrit W.; Duyck, Marianne; Lisi, Matteo; Collins, Thérèse; Whitney, David; Cavanagh, Patrick
2019Visual serial dependence in an audiovisual stimulusLau, Wee Kiat; Maus, Gerrit W.