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 2018Bjerknes forces in motion : long-range translational motion and chiral directionality switching in bubble-propelled micromotors via an ultrasonic pathwayMoo, James Guo Sheng; Mayorga-Martinez, Carmen C.; Wang, Hong; Teo, Wei Zhe; Tan, Beng Hau; Luong, Trung Dung; Gonzalez-Avila, Silvestre Roberto; Ohl, Claus-Dieter; Pumera, Martin
2018Cytotoxicity of layered metal phosphorus chalcogenides (MPXy) nanoflakes; FePS3, CoPS3, NiPS3Latiff, Naziah M.; Mayorga-Martinez, Carmen C.; Khezri, Bahareh; Szokolova, Katerina; Sofer, Zdeněk; Fisher, Adrian C.; Pumera, Martin
 2018Fuel-free light-powered TiO2/Pt Janus micromotors for enhanced nitroaromatic explosives degradationKong, Lei; Mayorga-Martinez, Carmen C.; Guan, Jianguo; Pumera, Martin
2015Layered Black Phosphorus as a Selective Vapor SensorMayorga-Martinez, Carmen C.; Sofer, Zdeněk; Pumera, Martin
 2020Mxene titanium carbide-based biosensor : strong dependence of exfoliation method on performanceChia, Hui Ling; Mayorga-Martinez, Carmen C.; Antonatos, Nikolas; Sofer, Zdeněk; Gonzalez-Julian, Jesus J.; Webster, Richard David; Pumera, Martin
 2019Platinum-Halloysite nanoclay nanojets as sensitive and selective mobile nanosensors for mercury detectionMaric, Tijana; Mayorga-Martinez, Carmen C.; Muhammad Zafir Mohamad Nasir; Pumera, Martin
 2017Polyaniline/MoSX supercapacitor by electrodepositionWang, Yong; Mayorga-Martinez, Carmen C.; Pumera, Martin
 2019Smart microdevices laying "breadcrumbs" to find the way home : chemotactic homing TiO₂/Pt Janus microrobotsKong, Lei; Mayorga-Martinez, Carmen C.; Guan, Jianguo; Pumera, Martin