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 2022Sea-level rise from land subsidence in major coastal citiesTay, Cheryl; Lindsey, Eric O.; Chin, Shi Tong; McCaughey, Jamie W.; Bekaert, David; Nguyen, Michele; Hua, Hook; Manipon, Gerald; Karim, Mohammed; Horton, Benjamin Peter; Li, Tanghua; Hill, Emma M.
 2018Socio-economic consequences of post-disaster reconstruction in hazard-exposed areasMcCaughey, Jamie W.; Daly, Patrick; Mundir, Ibnu; Mahdi, Saiful; Patt, Anthony
2017Trust and distrust of tsunami vertical evacuation buildings: Extending protection motivation theory to examine choices under social influenceMcCaughey, Jamie W.; Mundir, Ibnu; Daly, Patrick; Mahdi, Saiful; Patt, Anthony