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2021Area-time efficient two-dimensional reconfigurable integer DCT architecture for HEVCMeher, Pramod Kumar; Lam, Siew-Kei; Srikanthan, Thambipillai; Kim, Dong Hwan; Park, Sang Yoon
2010Concurrent error detection in bit-serial normal basis multiplication over GF(2^m) using multiple parity prediction schemesLee, Chiou Yng; Meher, Pramod Kumar; Patra, Jagdish Chandra
2011Development of Laguerre neural-network-based intelligent sensors for wireless sensor networksPatra, Jagdish Chandra; Meher, Pramod Kumar; Chakraborty, Goutam
2010Efficient systolic designs for 1- and 2-dimensional DFT of general transform-lengths for high-speed wireless communication applicationsMeher, Pramod Kumar; Patra, Jagdish Chandra; Vinod, Achutavarrier Prasad
2014Fine-grained critical path analysis and optimization for area-time efficient realization of multiple constant multiplicationsLou, Xin; Yu, Ya Jun; Meher, Pramod Kumar
2008Hardware-efficient systolic-like modular design for two-dimensional discrete wavelet transformMeher, Pramod Kumar; Mohanty, Basant Kumar; Patra, Jagdish Chandra
2007High-throughput memory-based architecture for DHT using a new convolutional formulationSwamy, M. N. S.; Meher, Pramod Kumar; Patra, Jagdish Chandra
2008Intelligent sensors using computationally efficient Chebyshev neural networksJuhola, M.; Patra, Jagdish Chandra; Meher, Pramod Kumar
 2012A low-complexity spectrum sensing technique for cognitive radios based on correlation of intra-segment decimated vectorsAltaf Ahmed, Syed Naveen; Meher, Pramod Kumar; Vinod, Achutavarrier Prasad
2008Neural-network-based robust linearization and compensation technique for sensors under nonlinear environmental influencesPatra, Jagdish Chandra; Chakraborty, Goutam; Meher, Pramod Kumar
2009Nonlinear channel equalization for wireless communication systems using Legendre neural networksPatra, Jagdish Chandra; Meher, Pramod Kumar; Chakraborty, Goutam
2006Scalable and modular memory-based systolic architectures for discrete Hartley transformMeher, Pramod Kumar; Srikanthan, Thambipillai; Patra, Jagdish Chandra
 2017Threshold-guided design and optimization for Harris corner detector architectureJasani, Bhavan Ashwin; Lam, Siew-Kei; Meher, Pramod Kumar; Wu, Meiqing
2008WMicaD : a new digital watermarking technique using independent component analysisNguyen, Thang Viet; Patra, Jagdish Chandra; Meher, Pramod Kumar