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2007Capacity optimization and expansion in a multiple-product manufacturing system with complex flowMeng, Kai
2017Evaluating the size and extent of paleolakes in central Tibet during the late PleistoceneShi, Xuhua; Furlong, Kevin P.; Kirby, Eric; Meng, Kai; Marrero, Shasta; Gosse, John; Wang, Erchie; Phillips, Fred
2017Mechanically resistant and sustainable cellulose-based composite aerogels with excellent flame retardant, sound-absorption, and superantiwetting ability for advanced engineering materialsHe, Chenglin; Huang, Jianying; Li, Shuhui; Meng, Kai; Zhang, Liyuan; Chen, Zhong; Lai, Yuekun
2017Rapid and punctuated Late Holocene recession of Siling Co, central TibetShi, Xuhua; Kirby, Eric; Furlong, Kevin P.; Meng, Kai; Robinson, Ruth; Lu, Haijian; Wang, Erchie
2016Recent progress in fabrication and applications of superhydrophobic coating on cellulose-based substratesAl-Deyab, Salem S.; Lai, Yue-Kun; Liu, Hui; Gao, Shou-Wei; Cai, Jing-Sheng; He, Cheng-Lin; Mao, Jia-Jun; Zhu, Tian-Xue; Chen, Zhong; Huang, Jian-Ying; Meng, Kai; Zhang, Ke-Qin