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2015Asynchronous Distributed Optimization for Network Utility Maximization Problems with Event Triggered CommunicationMeng, Xiangyu; Chen, Tongwen
 2018Event-triggered output regulation of heterogeneous multiagent networksMeng, Xiangyu; Xie, Lihua; Soh, Yeng Chai
2015Periodic Event-Triggered Average Consensus over Directed GraphsMeng, Xiangyu; Xie, Lihua; Soh, Yeng Chai; Nowzari, Cameron; Pappas, George J.
2016Pulse width modulation for multi-agent systemsMeng, Xiangyu; Meng, Ziyang; Chen, Tongwen; Dimarogonas, Dimos V.; Johansson, Karl Henrik
 2019Reset control for synchronization of multi-agent systemsMeng, Xiangyu; Xie, Lihua; Soh, Yeng Chai