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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1985Access to information and participation in communication as basic necessities for the communication structure of Asian countriesMenon, Vijay
1989Advanced editorial workshop for senior women journalists : Singapore, 8-17 February, 1989 : [welcome address]Menon, Vijay
1997AMIC Annual Conference on Skyways, Highways and Corridors : Asia's Communication Challenges, Kuala Lumpur, June 19-21, 1997 (vol. 1) : [welcome address]Menon, Vijay
1996AMIC Conference on Asian Communications : the Next Twenty-five Years, Singapore, Jun 1-3, 1996 : [words of thanks]Menon, Vijay
1994AMIC Conference on Communication, Convergence and Development : Bangkok, Jun 23-25, 1994 : [welcome address]Menon, Vijay
1995AMIC Conference on Communications, Culture and Development : Jakarta, Jun 22-24, 1995 : [welcome address]Menon, Vijay
1996AMIC Consultation on Communication and the Preservation of National Identity : Perspectives from Indochina, November 28-30, 1996, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam : [welcome address]Menon, Vijay
2000AMIC Deutsche Welle Workshop on Radio and the Internet : Singapore, Jul 3-8, 2000 : [address]Menon, Vijay
1991AMIC ICC Seminar on Children and Television : Cipanas, September 11-13, 1991 : [welcome address]Menon, Vijay
1991AMIC IDRC Training Workshop for Documentation Network Members : Singapore, Aug 26-29, 1991 : [welcome address]Menon, Vijay
1988AMIC Seminar on Asian Films : Survival or Revival, Singapore, January 26-28, 1988 : [welcome address]Menon, Vijay
1992AMIC Seminar on Media & National Unity, Bangalore, May 26-27, 1992 : [address]Menon, Vijay
1994AMIC Seminar on Media and Pluralism in South Asia : Kathmandu, Mar 22-24, 1994 : [welcome address]Menon, Vijay
1986AMIC Seminar on Media Laws and Regulations in Asia : Singapore, Jan 7-8, 1986 : [opening remarks]Menon, Vijay
1997AMIC Seminar on New Communication Technologies, Democracy and Women in Asia : Singapore, Aug 25-27, 1997 : [welcome address]Menon, Vijay
1995AMIC Seminar on New Communication Technologies, Women and Democracy : Bangkok, Oct 19-21, 1995 : [welcome address]Menon, Vijay
1996AMIC Seminar on Press Freedom and Professional Standards in Asia : Kuala Lumpur, May 16-18, 1996 : [report]Menon, Vijay
1996AMIC Seminar on Press Freedom and Professional Standards in Asia : Kuala Lumpur, May 16-18, 1996 : [welcome address]Menon, Vijay
1994AMIC Seminar on Television Development in the Asia-Pacific Region : Jakarta, Dec 8-9, 1994 : [welcome address]Menon, Vijay
1993AMIC Seminar on the Social and Cultural Impact of Satellite Broadcasting in Asia : Singapore, Feb 1-3, 1993 : [welcome address]Menon, Vijay