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2021Interdomain flexibility of Chikungunya virus nsP2 helicase-protease differentially influences viral RNA replication and infectivityLaw, Yee-Song; Wang, Sainan; Tan, Yaw Bia; Shih, Orion; Utt, Age; Goh, Wei Yang; Lian, Bing-Jun; Chen, Ming Wei; Jeng, U-Ser; Merits, Andres; Luo, Dahai
2019Structural insights into RNA recognition by the Chikungunya virus nsP2 helicaseLaw, Yee-Song; Utt, Age; Tan, Yaw Bia; Zheng, Jie; Wang, Sainan; Chen, Ming Wei; Griffin, Patrick R.; Merits, Andres; Luo, Dahai
2019VCP/p97 is a proviral host factor for replication of chikungunya virus and other alphavirusesCarissimo, Guillaume; Chan, Yi-Hao; Utt, Age; Chua, Tze-Kwang; Bakar, Farhana Abu; Merits, Andres; Ng, Lisa F. P.