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2006Analysis of phase distortion in phase-shifted fringe projectionMiao, Hong; Quan, Chenggen; Tay, Cho Jui; Fu, Yu
2008The comparison of different temporal phase analysis algorithms in optical dynamic measurementMiao, Hong; Fu, Yu
2015Damage identification by using a self-synchronizing multipoint laser doppler vibrometerMiao, Hong; Zhu, Changchun; Yang, Chong; Fu, Yu; Yuan, Jianmin; Guo, Min; Yan, Keyu; Liu, Huan
2015Dynamic measurement via laser interferometry : crystal growth monitoring and modal parameter analysisYang, Chong; Fu, Yu; Zhao, Jing; Miao, Hong; Zhu, Changchun; Zhang, Ping
2005Optical edge projection for surface contouringWu, X. P.; Miao, Hong; Quan, Chenggen; Tay, Cho Jui; Fu, Yu
2005Optical edge-projection method for three dimensional profilometryTay, Cho Jui; Miao, Hong; Fu, Yu
2014Path-independent digital image correlation with high accuracy, speed and robustnessJiang, Zhenyu; Kemao, Qian; Miao, Hong; Yang, Jinglei; Tang, Liqun
2006Surface contouring by optical edge projection based on a continuous wavelet transformQuan, Chenggen; Miao, Hong; Fu, Yu
2009Vibration measurement of miniature component by high-speed image-plane digital holographic microscopyMiao, Hong; Fu, Yu; Shi, Hongjian
2006Wavelet analysis of digital shearing speckle patterns with a temporal carrierQuan, Chenggen; Fu, Yu; Miao, Hong
2005Wavelet analysis of speckle patterns with a temporal carrierFu, Yu; Tay, Cho Jui; Quan, Chenggen; Miao, Hong