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 2014Enzyme-responsive cell-penetrating peptides conjugated mesoporous silica quantum dots nanocarriers for controlled release of nucleus-targeted drug molecules and real-time intracellular fluorescence imaging of tumor cellsCosta, Marianne; Yeow, Edwin K. L.; Li, Jinming; Liu, Fang; Shao, Qing; Min, Yuanzeng; Xing, Bengang
 2014Near-infrared light-mediated photoactivation of a platinum antitumor prodrug and simultaneous cellular apoptosis imaging by upconversion-luminescent nanoparticlesMin, Yuanzeng; Li, Jinming; Liu, Fang; Yeow, Edwin K. L.; Xing, Bengang
2014Recent advance of biological molecular imaging based on lanthanide-doped upconversion-luminescent nanomaterialsXing, Bengang; Min, Yuanzeng; Li, Jinming; Liu, Fang; Padmanabhan, Parasuraman; Yeow, Edwin