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2019Bypass transition delay using oscillations of spanwise wall velocityNegi, Prabal S.; Mishra, Maneesh; Schlatter, Philipp; Skote, Martin
2015DNS of a single low-speed streak subject to spanwise wall oscillationsNegi, Prabal Singh; Mishra, Maneesh; Skote, Martin
2015Drag Reduction in Turbulent Boundary Layers with Half Wave Wall OscillationsMishra, Maneesh; Skote, Martin
2015Drag Reduction of a Turbulent Boundary Layer over an Oscillating Wall and Its Variation with Reynolds NumberSkote, Martin; Mishra, Maneesh; Wu, Yanhua
 2019On visualizing continuous turbulence scalesLiu, Xiaopei; Mishra, Maneesh; Skote, Martin; Fu, Chi-Wing