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 2018Electron radiation-induced material diffusion and nanocrystallization in nanostructured amorphous CoFeB thin filmLiu, Binghai; Tahmasebi, Taiebeh; Ong, Kenny; Teo, Hanwei; Mo, Zhiqiang; Lam, Jeffrey; Tan, Pik Kee; Zhao, Yuzhe; Dong, Zhili; Houssameddine, Dimitri; Wang, Jacob; Xue, Junming; Mai, Zhihong
 2018The overview of the impacts of electron radiation on semiconductor failure analysis by SEM, FIB and TEMLiu, Binghai; Hua, Younan; Dong, Zhili; Tan, Pik Kee; Zhao, Yuzhe; Mo, Zhiqiang; Lam, Jeffrey; Mai, Zhihong