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2013Nanobody mediated crystallization of an archeal mechanosensitive channelMoberg, Per; Quistgaard, Esben M.; Löw, Christian; Yau, Yin Hoe; Pardon, Els; Jegerschöld, Caroline; Wåhlin, Lisa; Geifman-Shochat, Susana; Steyaert, Jan; Nordlund, Pär
2012Optimisation of over-expression in E. coli and biophysical characterisation of human membrane protein synaptogyrin 1Löw, Christian; Jegerschöld, Caroline; Kovermann, Michael; Moberg, Per; Nordlund, Pär
2013Structural and biophysical characterization of the cytoplasmic domains of human BAP29 and BAP31Löw, Christian; Moberg, Per; Guettou, Fatma; Maddi, Karthik; Nordlund, Pär; Quistgaard, Esben M.
2013Structural insights into substrate recognition in proton-dependent oligopeptide transportersQuistgaard, Esben M.; Jong, Agnes Jin Oi; Nordlund, Pär; Löw, Christian; Guettou, Fatma; Trésaugues, Lionel; Moberg, Per; Jegerschöld, Caroline; Zhu, Lin