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 2018Design of chirp waveforms for multiple-access ultrasonic indoor positioningMohammad Omar Khyam; Noor-A-Rahim, Md.; Li, Xinde; Ritz, Christian; Guan, Yong Liang; Ge, Sam Shuzhi
2018A doppler-tolerant ultrasonic multiple access localization system for human gait analysisMohammad Omar Khyam; Soh, Cheong Boon; Kong, Keng He; Ashhar, Karalikkadan
2019Energy harvesting two-way relaying with antenna selection schemeNoor-A-Rahim, Md.; Mohammad Omar Khyam; Guan, Yong Liang
2019A multi-path compensation method for ranging in wearable ultrasonic sensor networks for human gait analysisAshhar, Karalikkadan; Mohammad Omar Khyam; Soh, Cheong Boon
2019A narrowband ultrasonic ranging method for multiple moving sensor nodesAshhar, Karalikkadan; Md. Noor-A-Rahim; Mohammad Omar Khyam; Soh, Cheong Boon