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2014Criticality of forcing directions on the fragmentation and resilience of grid networksAbundo, Cheryl; Monterola, Christopher; Legara, Erika Fille
2019Degree and centrality-based approaches in network-based variable selection : insights from the Singapore Longitudinal Aging StudyValenzuela, Jesus Felix Bayta; Monterola, Christopher; Tong, Victor Joo Chuan; Fülöp, Tamàs; Ng, Tze Pin; Larbi, Anis
2015Entropy Based Modelling for Estimating Demographic TrendsMonterola, Christopher; Li, Guoqi; Zhao, Daxuan; Xu, Yi; Kuo, Shyh-Hao; Xu, Hai-Yan; Hu, Nan; Zhao, Guangshe
2018Guide them through : an automatic crowd control framework using multi-objective genetic programmingHu, Nan; Zhong, Jinghui; Zhou, Joey Tianyi; Zhou, Suiping; Cai, Wentong; Monterola, Christopher
2017Health and disease phenotyping in old age using a cluster network analysisValenzuela, Jesus Felix; Monterola, Christopher; Tong, Victor Joo Chuan; Ng, Tze Pin; Larbi, Anis