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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Additive manufacturing for space : status and promisesSacco, Enea; Moon, Seung Ki
2016An additive manufacturing process model for product family designLei, Ningrong; Yao, Xiling; Moon, Seung Ki; Bi, Guijun
2018Characterization of mechanical properties of Ultem® 9085 using FDMZhang, Yongjie; Yeoh, Yong Chen; Zheng, Guoying; Moon, Seung Ki
2018Comparison of elastic properties for different sample types fabricated with additive manufacturingMoon, Seung Ki; Sacco, Enea; Chua, Zhong Yang
 2018Comparison study on additive manufacturing (AM) and powder metallurgy (PM) AlSi10Mg alloysChen, Biao; Moon, Seung Ki; Yao, Xiling; Bi, Guijun; Shen, Jianghua; Umeda, Junko; Kondoh, Katsuyoshi
 2012Considering context : the role of mental workload and operator control in users' perceptions of usabilityLee, Sangwon; Moon, Seung Ki; Kokini, Christina M.; Koubek, Richard J.
 2016A Cost-Driven Design Methodology for Additive Manufactured Variable Platforms in Product FamiliesYao, Xiling; Moon, Seung Ki; Bi, Guijun
2014Customization Design Knowledge Representation to Support Additive ManufacturingKo, Hyunwoong; Moon, Seung Ki; Otto, Kevin
2017Effects of heat treatment on microstructures and tensile properties of IN718/TiC nanocomposite fabricated by selective laser meltingYao, Xiling; Moon, Seung Ki; Lee, Bing Yang; Bi, Guijun
2018Effects of the TiC nanoparticle on microstructures and tensile properties of selective laser melted IN718/TiC nanocompositesYao, Xiling; Moon, Seung Ki; Lee, Bing Yang; Bi, Guijun
 2013An efficient branch-and-bound algorithm for interface-based modular product design and performance evaluationAryasomayajula, Anirudh; Yoo, John Jung-Woon; Moon, Seung Ki
2019Failure analysis and finite element simulation for structural systems in an unmanned aerial vehicleWang, Bing; Ng, Poh Huat; Elhadidi, Basman Mohamed Nabil Ahmed Khairat; Ang, Hui Shan; Moon, Seung Ki
2018Femtosecond laser produced hydrophobic hierarchical structures on additive manufacturing partsJiao, Lishi; Song, Jie; Bi, Guijun; Zheng, Hongyu; Chua, Zhong Yang; Moon, Seung Ki
 2016Global views on modular design research : linking alternative methods to support modular product family concept developmentOtto, Kevin; Hölttä-Otto, Katja; Simpson, Timothy W.; Krause, Dieter; Ripperda, Sebastian; Moon, Seung Ki
 2015Halide-ion-assisted synthesis of different α-Fe2O3 hollow structures and their lithium-ion storage propertiesMa, Ruguang; Wang, Man; Dam, Duc Tai; Dong, Yucheng; Chen, Yu; Moon, Seung Ki; Yoon, Yong-Jin; Lee, Jong-Min
 2018A heterostructure of layered double hydroxide wrapped in few-layer carbon with iridium doping for efficient oxygen evolutionHuang, Tan; Moon, Seung Ki; Lee, Jong-Min
2016Hole design quality identification in laser aided additive manufacturingAhn, Il Hyuk; Moon, Seung Ki; Bi, Guijun
2014Indirect 3D Printing of an Inflatable Wing for Small UAVS Reinforced with 3D Hexagonal Diamond StructuresTan, Yu En; Moon, Seung Ki
2014Influence of substrate heating on hole geometry and spatter area in femtosecond laser drilling of siliconJiao, Lishi; Moon, Seung Ki; Ng, E. Y. K.; Zheng, H. Y.; Son, H. S.
2016Influence of the geometric factor for the width of the contour scan in selective laser meltingAhn, Il Hyuk; Moon, Seung Ki; Bi, GuiJun; Wei, Jun