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2020Assessment of choroidal neovascularization perfusion : a pilot study with laser speckle flowgraphyCalzetti, Giacomo; Mora, Paolo; Favilla, Stefania; Ottonelli, Giorgia; Devincenzi, Giulia; Carta, Arturo; Tedesco, Salvatore; Mursch-Edlmayr, Anna; Garhöfer, Gerhard; Gandolfi, Stefano; Schmetterer, Leopold
 2022Measuring optic nerve head perfusion to monitor glaucoma: a study on structure-function relationships using laser speckle flowgraphyCalzetti, Giacomo; Mursch-Edlmayr, Anna Sophie; Bata, Ahmed M.; Ungaro, Nicola; Mora, Paolo; Chua, Jacqueline; Schmidl, Doreen; Bolz, Matthias; Garhöfer, Gerhard; Gandolfi, Stefano; Schmetterer, Leopold; Wong, Damon