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2017Charge and spin transport in 2D light-matter coupling systemsMorina, Skender
2016Control of electronic transport in graphene by electromagnetic dressingKristinsson, Kristinn; Kibis, Oleg V.; Morina, Skender; Shelykh, Ivan A.
2015Control of spin dynamics in a two-dimensional electron gas by electromagnetic dressingPervishko, A. A.; Kibis, Oleg V.; Shelykh, Ivan A.; Morina, Skender
2013Magnetic field control of the optical spin Hall effectLiew, Timothy Chi Hin; Shelykh, Ivan A.; Morina, Skender
2015Transport properties of a two-dimensional electron gas dressed by lightPervishko, Anastasiia; Shelykh, Ivan A.; Morina, Skender; Kibis, Oleg V.