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2020Light limitation and depth-variable sedimentation drives vertical reef compression on turbid coral reefsMorgan, Kyle Meredith; Moynihan, Molly A.; Sanwlani, Nivedita; Switzer, Adam D.
2022Monsoon-driven biogeochemical dynamics in an equatorial shelf sea: time-series observations in the Singapore StraitMartin, Patrick; Moynihan, Molly A.; Chen, Shuang; Woo, Oon Yee; Zhou, Yongli; Nichols, Robert S.; Chang, Kristy Y. W.; Tan, Ashleen S. Y.; Chen, Ying-Hsuan; Ren, Haojia; Chen, Mengli
2020Trophic strategy and bleaching resistance in reef-building coralsConti-Jerpe, Inga E.; Thompson, Philip D.; Wong, Martin Cheong Wai; Oliveira, Nara L.; Duprey, Nicolas N.; Moynihan, Molly A.; Baker, David M.