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 2019Effect of two-dimensional graphene oxide on the phase change stability of carbon nanotubes and their application for thermal energy storageMu, Chenzhong; Sze, Jia Yin; Chen, Xuelong; Romagnoli, Alessandro
2016Modification of carbon nanotubes by a novel biomimetic approach towards the enhancement of the mechanical properties of polyurethaneMu, Chenzhong; Zhang, Liying; Song, Yujie; Chen, Xuelong; Liu, Ming; Wang, Fuke; Hu, Xiao
2017Non-eutectic phase change materials for cold thermal energy storageSze, Jia Yin; Mu, Chenzhong; Romagnoli, Alessandro; Li, Yongliang
2017Unique filler dispersion and physical properties of polyurethane/multi-walled carbon nanotubes compositesMu, Chenzhong