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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2012Accurate detection of SNPs using base-specific cleavage and mass spectrometrySun, Ruimin; Gao, Xiang; Han, Nanyu; Wu, Qiong; Mu, Yuguang; Tang, Kai; Chen, Xin
2013Acidic pH retards the fibrillization of human islet amyloid polypeptide due to electrostatic repulsion of histidinesLi, Yang; Xu, Weixin; Mu, Yuguang; Zhang, John Z. H.
2014Alzheimer’s disease : a panorama glimpseZhao, Li Na; Mu, Yuguang; Lu, Lanyuan; Chew, Lock Yue
2015Aβ1-25-Derived Sphingolipid-Domain Tracer Peptide SBD Interacts with Membrane Ganglioside Clusters via a Coil-Helix-Coil MotifWang, Yaofeng; Kraut, Rachel; Mu, Yuguang
2017Binding modes of teixobactin to lipid ii : molecular dynamics studyLiu, Yang; Liu, Yaxin; Chan-Park, Mary Bee Eng; Mu, Yuguang
2009Comparative molecular dynamics simulation study of aquaporin Z.Ching, April Shi Min.
2014Conformation-dependent DNA attractionNordenskiöld, Lars; Zhou, Ruhong; Mu, Yuguang; Li, Weifeng
 2012Dissociation of hydrophobic and charged nano particles in aqueous guanidinium chloride and urea solutions : a molecular dynamics studyLi, Weifeng; Mu, Yuguang
2014Dynamically-driven enhancement of the catalytic machinery of the SARS 3C-like protease by the S284-T285-I286/A mutations on the extra domainLim, Liangzhong; Shi, Jiahai; Mu, Yuguang; Song, Jianxing
2019Effect of A22 on the conformation of bacterial actin MreBAwuni, Elvis; Mu, Yuguang
 2012The effect of curcumin on the stability of Aβ dimersZhao, Li Na; Chiu, See-Wing; Benoit, Jérôme; Chew, Lock Yue; Mu, Yuguang
2012Exploring the mechanism of Zanamivir resistance in a neuraminidase mutant : a molecular dynamics studyHan, Nanyu; Liu, Xue-Wei; Mu, Yuguang
2016Fimbrin phosphorylation by metaphase Cdk1 regulates actin cable dynamics in budding yeastMiao, Yansong; Han, Xuemei; Zheng, Liangzhen; Xie, Ying; Mu, Yuguang; Yates, John R.; Drubin, David G.
2013Heme prevents amyloid beta peptide aggregation through hydrophobic interaction based on molecular dynamics simulationZhao, Li Na; Mu, Yuguang; Chew, Lock Yue
 2011Identification of residues involved in water versus glycerol selectivity in aquaporins by differential residue pair co-evolutionLin, Xin; Hong, Tian; Mu, Yuguang; Torres, Jaume
2012Initial binding of Ions to the interhelical loops of divalent ion transporter CorA : replica exchange molecular dynamics simulation studyMu, Yuguang; Zhang, Tong
2019Ligand binding induces agonistic-like conformational adaptations in helix 12 of progesterone receptor ligand binding domainZheng, Liangzhen; Xia, Kelin; Mu, Yuguang
2012Lipid interaction and membrane perturbation of human islet amyloid polypeptide monomer and dimer by molecular dynamics simulationsZhang, Yun; Luo, Yin; Deng, Yonghua; Mu, Yuguang; Wei, Guanghong
2013Locking the 150-cavity open : in silico design and verification of influenza neuraminidase inhibitorsHan, Nanyu; Mu, Yuguang
2013Membrane binding and insertion of a pHLIP peptide studied by all-atom molecular dynamics simulationsZhang, Yun; Deng, Yonghua; Qian, Zhenyu; Luo, Yin; Mu, Yuguang; Wei, Guanghong