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2017Abu Uqayl : Bringing the threat closer to homeMahzam, Remy; Muhammad Faizal Abdul Rahman
2019Breaking Byte of Religious ExtremismMuhammad Faizal Abdul Rahman
2017Chatbots : Friends or Fiends ?Suguna, V S; Muhammad Faizal Abdul Rahman
2019Contemporary jihadi terrorism : defending the city-state of Singapore against the asymmetric enemyMuhammad Faizal Abdul Rahman
2020COVID-19 : what changes – and what doesn’tAng, Benjamin; Sumpter, Cameron; Leong, Dymples; Haciyakupoglu, Gulizar; Yang, Jennifer Hui; Franco, Joseph; Muhammad Faizal Abdul Rahman; Mohsina, Nazneen; Vasu, Norman; Reich, Pauline C.; Jayakumar, Shashi; Tan, Eugene E. Guang; Teo, Li-Ling; Teo, Terri-Anne; Wong, Yasmine
2019Defending Singapore Against Foreign InterferenceMuhammad Faizal Abdul Rahman
2019Economic Warfare : Enduring Its ImpactMuhammad Faizal Abdul Rahman
2020The intersection of emergent technologies and geopolitics : implications for SingaporeMuhammad Faizal Abdul Rahman
2017Law Enforcement: Security Challenges AheadMuhammad Faizal Abdul Rahman
2020Pandemic, technology and privacy : how far will the state go?Muhammad Faizal Abdul Rahman; Haciyakupoglu, Gulizar
2016Robocops: Securing the Cities of TomorrowMuhammad Faizal Abdul Rahman
2017Securing the Vertical Space of CitiesMuhammad Faizal Abdul Rahman
2016Security Drones: Is the Singapore Public Ready?Muhammad Faizal Abdul Rahman
2016SG Secure: Fathers As Potential AdvocatesCheong, Damien D.; Muhammad Faizal Abdul Rahman
2016Singapore’s Threat Outlook 2017: The Terrorist Challenge AheadMahzam, Remy; Muhammad Faizal Abdul Rahman
2016Smart CCTVs: Third Eye of Secure CitiesMuhammad Faizal Abdul Rahman
2016Threats of Driverless Vehicles: Leveraging New Technologies for SolutionsMuhammad Faizal Abdul Rahman
2017Why It Won’t Displace Police Analysts Artificial IntelligenceMuhammad Faizal Abdul Rahman