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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010911 conspiracy theories : the absent perspectivesMuhammad Haniff Hassan; Mohamed Redzuan Salleh
2009Abdullah Azzam : would he have endorsed 9/11?Muhammad Haniff Hassan; Mohamed Redzuan Salleh
2008Abu Bakar Bashir : Jihad or tyranny of leadership?Muhammad Haniff Hassan; Mohamed Redzuan Salleh
2011Abu Bakar Bashir's imprisonment : what next?Muhammad Haniff Hassan; Nur Azlin Yasin
2005Anti-terror war : the kingdom strikes backMuhammad Haniff Hassan
2012Arab people's uprising : the jihadist perspectiveZulkifli Mohamed Sultan; Muhammad Haniff Hassan
2008Bali bombers' pre-execution statement : how much Islamic weight?Muhammad Haniff Hassan; Mohamed Redzuan Salleh
2004Belsan school massacre : revenge in the name of IslamMuhammad Haniff Hassan
2005Can Islam be contextualised?Muhammad Haniff Hassan
2008Communicating counter-ideologyMuhammad Haniff Hassan
2006Community-based initiatives against JI by Singapore's Muslim communityMuhammad Haniff Hassan
2006Contesting Islamist's absolutism on the Islamic stateMuhammad Haniff Hassan
2007Contextualising the FIQH or law of jihadMuhammad Haniff Hassan
2007Contextualizing political Islam for minority MuslimsMuhammad Haniff Hassan
2009Counter Ideology: Role of Media RelationsMuhammad Haniff Hassan; Nur Azlin Mohamed Yasin
2009Counter-Ideological Work: The Need for Intellectual RigourMohamed Redzuan Salleh; Muhammad Haniff Hassan
2009Counter-ideology : remaining vigilant during economic slumpMuhammad Haniff Hassan; Sharifah Thuraiya S A Alhabshi
2008"Dramatising" counter-ideologyMohamed Redzuan Salleh; Muhammad Haniff Hassan
2011The Egyptian uprising : waning threat of the jihadistsMohamed Redzuan Salleh; Muhammad Haniff Hassan
2004Fight against terror : psychological defence, ideological responseMuhammad Haniff Hassan; Mushahid Ali