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2018Bacterial metabolism during biofilm growth investigated by 13C tracingWan, Ni; Wang, Hao; Ng, Chun Kiat; Mukherjee, Manisha; Ren, Dacheng; Cao, Bin; Tang, Yinjie J.
 2014Biofilm development and enhanced stress resistance of a model, mixed-species community biofilmLee, Kai Wei Kelvin; Periasamy, Saravanan; Mukherjee, Manisha; Xie, Chao; Kjelleberg, Staffan; Rice, Scott A.
2019Comparison of nitrous oxide emission between a partial and full nitrification enriched ammonia-oxidising cultureChua, Desmond Feng Jun; Sun, Faqian; Mukherjee, Manisha; Zhou, Yan
 2020Direct interspecies electron transfer (DIET) can be suppressed under ammonia-stressed condition - reevaluate the role of conductive materialsYan, Wangwang; Mukherjee, Manisha; Zhou, Yan
2021Engineering controllable biofilms for biotechnological applicationsMukherjee, Manisha; Cao, Bin
2015Involvement in Denitrification is Beneficial to the Biofilm Lifestyle of Comamonas testosteroni: A Mechanistic Study and Its Environmental ImplicationsWu, Yichao; Shukal, Sudha; Mukherjee, Manisha; Cao, Bin
 2020Responses of exogenous bacteria to soluble extracellular polymeric substances in wastewater : a mechanistic study and implications on bioaugmentationWu, Yichao; Zaiden, Norazean; Liu, Xin; Mukherjee, Manisha; Cao, Bin