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2016Eco-friendly streamlined process for sporopollenin exine capsule extractionMundargi, Raghavendra C.; Potroz, Michael G.; Park, Jae Hyeon; Seo, Jeongeun; Tan, Ee-Lin; Lee, Jae Ho; Cho, Nam-Joon
 2016Encapsulation and controlled release formulations of 5-fluorouracil from natural Lycopodium clavatum sporesMundargi, Raghavendra C.; Tan, Ee-Lin; Seo, Jeongeun; Cho, Nam-Joon
2016Extraction of plant-based capsules for microencapsulation applicationsPotroz, Michael G.; Mundargi, Raghavendra C.; Park, Jae Hyeon; Tan, Ee-Lin; Cho, Nam-joon
 2014Layer-by-layer nanoparticles as an efficient siRNA delivery vehicle for SPARC silencingTan, Yang Fei; Chen, Min Hui Averil; Lessig, Jacqueline; Neu, Björn; Mundargi, Raghavendra C.; Venkatraman, Subbu S.; Wong, Tina T.
 2017Preserving the inflated structure of lyophilized sporopollenin exine capsules with polyethylene glycol osmolyteCorliss, Michael K.; Bok, Chuan Kiat; Gillissen, Jurriaan; Potroz, Michael G.; Jung, Haram; Tan, Ee-Lin; Mundargi, Raghavendra C.; Cho, Nam-Joon