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2015Coupled domain wall oscillations in magnetic cylindrical nanowiresMurapaka, Chandrasekhar; Goolaup, S.; Purnama, I.; Lew, W. S.
2016Direct observation of deterministic domain wall trajectory in magnetic network structuresSethi, Pankaj; Murapaka, Chandrasekhar; Goolaup, Sarjoosing; Chen, Yun Jie; Leong, Siang Huei; Lew, Wen Siang
2019Enhanced spin-orbit torques in rare-earth Pt/[Co/Ni]2/Co/Tb systemsLew, Wen Siang; Wong, Qi Ying; Murapaka, Chandrasekhar; Law, Wai Cheung; Gan, Wei Liang; Lim, Gerard Joseph
2016Reconfigurable logic via gate controlled domain wall trajectory in magnetic network structureMurapaka, Chandrasekhar; Sethi, Pankaj; Goolaup, Sarjoosing; Lew, Wen Siang
2015Transverse domain wall profile for spin logic applicationsRamu, Maddu; Murapaka, Chandrasekhar; Goolaup, Sarjoosing