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2020Au nano-urchins enabled localized surface plasmon resonance sensing of beta amyloid fibrillationNair, Radhika V.; Yi, Pae Jian; Padmanabhan, Parasuraman; Gulyás, Balázs; Murukeshan, V. M.
2016Design and simulation of GRIN objective lenses for an imaging fiber based speckle metrology systemPrasad, A. S. Guru; Haridas, Aswin; Chan, Kelvin H. K.; Murukeshan, V. M.; Prabhathan, P.
2014Design, fabrication, and characterization of thermoplastic microlenses for fiber-optic probe imagingShinoj, V. K.; Murukeshan, V. M.; Tor, S. B.; Loh, N. H.; Lye, S. W.
2017A fractal image analysis methodology for heat damage inspection in carbon fiber reinforced compositesMurukeshan, V. M.; Haridas, Aswin; Crivoi, Alexandru; Prabhathan, P.; Chan, Kelvin
 2021Low threshold incoherent random lasing with spectral overlap optimization of size-tuned plasmonic nanorodsGayathri, R.; Monika, K.; Murukeshan, V. M.; Vijayan, C.
2014Narrow band wavelength selective filter using grating assisted single ring resonatorPrabhathan, P.; Murukeshan, V. M.
2014Near-field assisted nanoscale patterning for improved absorption in thin film silicon solar cellMurukeshan, V. M.; Prabhathan, P.; Sidharthan, R.
2014Note : A gel based imaging technique of the iridocorneal angle for evaluation of angle-closure glaucomaShinoj, V. K.; Murukeshan, V. M.; Baskaran, Mani; Aung, Tin
 2012Periodic feature patterning by lens based solid immersion multiple beam laser interference lithographyMurukeshan, V. M.; Sidharthan Raghuraman.
 2012Sub-60 nm periodic grating feature patterning by immersion based 364 nm laser interferenceMurukeshan, V. M.; Sathiyamoorthy, K.; Sidharthan Raghuraman.
 2012Thermal diffusivity variations in nanoparticle administered phantom tissues : a photoacoustic investigationJoseph, J.; Sathiyamoorthy, K.; Murukeshan, V. M.; Woh, L. S.