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2020Nanocellulose‐MXene biomimetic aerogels with orientation‐tunable electromagnetic interference shielding performanceZeng, Zhihui; Wang, Changxian; Siqueira, Gilberto; Han, Daxin; Huch, Anja; Abdolhosseinzadeh, Sina; Heier, Jakob; Nüesch, Frank; Zhang, John Chuanfang; Nyström, Gustav
 2014Synthesis and characterization of organic dyes with various electron-accepting substituents for p-type dye-sensitized solar cellsYu, Ze; Weidelener, Martin; Powar, Satvasheel; Kast, Hannelore; Boix, Pablo P.; Li, Chen; Bach, Udo; Müllen, Klaus; Geiger, Thomas; Kuster, Simon; Nüesch, Frank; Mishra, Amaresh; Bäuerle, Peter