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20163-D Printing for Food Security: Providing The Future Nutritious MealNair, Tamara
20173D Printing: How It Could Disrupt Asia’s Manufacturing EconomiesLim, Christopher Hang-kwang; Nair, Tamara
2018ASEAN Women : AWPR’s Role In Southeast Asian PeaceNair, Tamara
2017Cooling future urban habitats: technology based on human body?Lim, Christopher; Nair, Tamara
2020COVID-19 and school closures : why education sector needs protectingNair, Tamara
2017Earthquakes and Environmental Refugees: Time for ‘Green’ EngineeringNair, Tamara; Chong, Alan
2015A food secure Asia by 2025 : addressing vulnerable groupsNair, Tamara
2015Indonesia’s foreign domestic workers : dilemma of not working overseasNair, Tamara
2018Integrating disaster governance in Timor-Leste : opportunities and challengesCook, Alistair David Blair; Suresh, Vishalini; Nair, Tamara; Foo, Yen Ne
2016Law and gender: an emerging fault line in social cohesion?Nair, Tamara
2020Pandemic response : the women, peace and security agendaNair, Tamara
 2018Power, capability and cultural subjects : an inquiry into “institutional neglect” in participatory planningNair, Tamara
2017Radicalisation of the Female WorkerNair, Tamara; Chong, Alan
2017Science, Technology and Human Security - Fighting Food Wastage: New Ideas From The PastNair, Tamara; Lim, Christopher
2016Securing Singapore: applying biopoliticsChong, Alan; Nair, Tamara
2016Southeast Asia’s Haze Plight: Is Insurance a Suitable Preventive Mechanism?Lim, Christopher; Nair, Tamara
2015Transboundary Pollution: Arrival of the Haze Refugee?Nair, Tamara; Chong, Alan
2020Women in Global Governance : Never Ending Fight for Equality?Nair, Tamara
2015Women, Peace and Security in ASEAN: Need For Distinct Action PlanNair, Tamara