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2019Animation of two-dimensional pictorial works into multipurpose three-dimensional objects. The atlas of the ships of the known world depicted in the 1460 Fra Mauro's mappa mundi as a showcaseNanetti, Andrea; Benvenuti, Davide
2018Computational history : from big data to big simulationsNanetti, Andrea; Cheong, Siew Ann
2016Conclusion and future work : provenance and validation from the humanities to automatic acquisition of semantic knowledge and machine reading for news and historical sources indexing/summaryNanetti, Andrea; Lin, Chin-Yew; Cheong, Siew Ann
2021Crafting the next generation of web-based learning tools for manuscript artefacts in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. A focus on science, technology, and engineering codices, world maps, and archival documents in exhibition settingsNanetti, Andrea; Radzi, Zaqeer; Benvenuti, Davide
2021Defining heritage science : a consilience pathway to treasuring the complexity of inheritable human experiences through historical method, AI and MLNanetti, Andrea
2018Enhancing the experience of the Western Xia Imperial Tombs heritage site (PRC, Ningxia) through animated installationsNanetti, Andrea; Shedd, Ben Alvin; Luo, Shen-Shen
2019Heritage science : expanding the thinkable future beyond inherited pasts and the visible presentsNanetti, Andrea
2013Interactive global histories : for a new information environment to increase the understanding of historical processesNanetti, Andrea; Cheong, Siew Ann; Filippov, Mikhail
2017Knowledge evolution in physics research: An analysis of bibliographic coupling networksLiu, Wenyuan; Nanetti, Andrea; Cheong, Siew Ann
2015Maps as Knowledge Aggregators: from Renaissance Italy Fra Mauro to Web Search EnginesNanetti, Andrea; Cattaneo, Angelo; Cheong, Siew Ann; Lin, Chin-Yew
 2021Venezia e il Peloponneso, 992-1718 : indagini storiche tra territorio, biblioteca e archivioNanetti, Andrea