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2012Abc3-mediated efflux of an endogenous digoxin-like steroidal glycoside by magnaporthe oryzae is necessary for host invasion during blast diseasePatkar, Rajesh N.; Xue, Yang Kui.; Shui, Guanghou.; Wenk, Markus R.; Naqvi, Naweed Issak.
2012A P-loop mutation in Gα subunits prevents transition to the active state : implications for G-protein signaling in fungal pathogenesisSiderovski, David P.; Bosch, Dustin E.; Willard, Francis S.; Kimple, Adam J.; Willard, Melinda D.; Naqvi, Naweed Issak.; Ramanujam, Ravikrishna.
2012Structure-function analysis of rgs1 in magnaporthe oryzae : role of DEP domains in subcellular targetingRamanujam, Ravikrishna.; Yishi, Xu.; Liu, Hao.; Naqvi, Naweed Issak.