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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Adaptive mapping for high order WENO methodsVevek, U. S.; Zang, Bin; New, Tze How
2017Aerodynamic Performance and Surface Flow Structures of Leading-Edge Tubercled Tapered Swept-Back WingsWei, Zhaoyu; New, Tze How; Cui, Y. D.
2018Application of an Eulerian granular numerical model to an industrial scale pneumatic conveying pipelineHeng, Jinliang; New, Tze How; Wilson, P. A.
2018An assessment of OpenFOAM solver on RANS simulations of round supersonic free jetsLim, Desmond Haoxiang; Wei, Xiaofeng; New, Tze How; Zang, B.; US, Vevek
2021A carbuncle cure for the Harten-Lax-van Leer contact (HLLC) scheme using a novel velocity-based sensorVevek, U. S.; Zang, B.; New, Tze How
2021Characteristics of helicopter engine exhaust through scaled experiments using stereoscopic particle image velocimetryZhen, Wei Teo; Wong, Wai Hou; Lee, Zhi Wen; New, Tze How; Ng, Bing Feng
2018A detailed comparison of single-camera light-field PIV and tomographic PIVShi, Shengxian; Ding, Junfei; Atkinson, Callum; Soria, Julio; New, Tze How
2019Effects of bevelled nozzles on standoff shocks in supersonic impinging jetsLim, H.D.; New, Tze How; Mariani, Raffaello; Cui, Yi Dan
2016Effects of leading-edge tubercles on wing flutter speedsNew, Tze How; Palacios, R.; Ng, Bing Feng
2019An efficient hybrid method for solving Euler equationsVevek, U. S.; Zang, Baohua; New, Tze How
2021Flow behavior of skewed vortex generators on a backward-facing rampCheawchan, Atcha-uea; Wen, Yiming; Teo, Zhen Wei; Ng, Bing Feng; New, Tze How
 2019Flow characterization of supersonic jets issuing from double-beveled nozzlesWu, Jie; Wei, Xiaofeng; Cui, Y. D.; Lim, Hao Xiang; New, Tze How
 2019High resolution volumetric dual-camera light-field PIVMei, Di; Ding, Junfei; Shi, Shengxian; New, Tze How; Soria, Julio
2017An investigation on supersonic bevelled nozzle jetsWu, Jie; New, Tze How
2021A large-eddy simulation study on vortex-ring collisions upon round cylindersNew, Tze How; Gotama, Gabriel Jeremy; Vevek, U. S.
2019Leading-edge tubercles delay flow separation for a tapered swept-back wing at very low Reynolds numberWei, Zhaoyu; New, Tze How; Lian, Lian; Zhang, Yanni
2019Mitigation of under-expanded supersonic jet noise through stepped nozzlesWei, Xiaofeng; Mariani, Raffaello; Chua, Leok Poh; Lim, H. D.; Lu, Zhen Bo; Cui, Yongdong; New, Tze How
 2018The near wake of a sinusoidal wavy cylinder with a large spanwise wavelength using time-resolved particle image velocimetryBai, H. L.; Zang, B.; New, Tze How
2020Near- and far-field acoustic measurements for stepped nozzles at over- and perfectly-expanded supersonic jet flow conditionsWei, X. F.; Chua, Leok Poh; Lu, Zibao; Lim, Desmond Haoxiang; Mariani, Raffaello; Cui, Yi Dan; New, Tze How
2017Near-field dynamics of parallel twin jets in cross-flowZang, Bin; New, Tze How