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 2020Phenotypic bases of NOTCH2NLC GGC expansion positive neuronal intranuclear inclusion disease in a Southeast Asian cohortChen, Zhiyong; Xu, Zheyu; Cheng, Qianhui; Tan, Jayne Yi; Ong, Helen L.; Zhao, Yi; Lim, Weng Khong; Teo, Jing Xian; Foo, Jia Nee; Lee, Hwei Yee; Tan, Jeanne M. M.; Hang, Liting; Yu, Wai-Yung; Ting, Simon K. S.; Tan, Eng-King; Lim, Tchoyoson C. C.; Ng, Adeline S. L.
2018Targeted exome sequencing reveals homozygous TREM2 R47C mutation presenting with behavioral variant frontotemporal dementia without bone involvementNg, Adeline S. L.; Tan, Yi Jayne; Yi, Zhao; Tandiono, Moses; Chew, Elaine; Dominguez, Jacqueline; Macas, Mabel; Ng, Ebonne; Hameed, Shahul; Ting, Simon; Tan, Eng King; Foo, Jia Nee; Kandiah, Nagaendran