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2013CFD modelling of abdominal aortic aneurysm on hemodynamic loads using a realistic geometry with CTNg, E. Y. K.; Loong, T. H.; Soudah, Eduardo; Bordone, Maurizio; Pua, Uei; Narayanan, Sriram
 2013The effect of tear film on ocular surface temperature : a thermodynamic studyTan, Jen Hong; Ng, E. Y. K.; Acharya, U. Rajendra
2014Influence of substrate heating on hole geometry and spatter area in femtosecond laser drilling of siliconJiao, Lishi; Moon, Seung Ki; Ng, E. Y. K.; Zheng, H. Y.; Son, H. S.
2014Level set method for segmentation of infrared breast thermogramsGolestani, N.; Ng, E. Y. K.; EtehadTavakol, M.
 2014Offshore wind turbine jacket substructure : a comparison study between four-legged and three-legged designsChew, Kok Hon; Ng, E. Y. K.; Tai, Kang; Muskulus, Michael; Zwick, Daniel
 2014A special section on the system and technology on health informativeLiu, Feng; Gramatikov, Boris; Budnyk, Mykola Mykolaiovych; Ng, E. Y. K.
 2013Structural optimization and parametric study of offshore wind turbine jacket substructureTai, Kang; Muskulus, Michael; Zwick, Daniel; Ng, E. Y. K.; Chew, Kok Hon