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2018Construction sites as an important driver of dengue transmission: implications for disease controlTang, Choon-Siang; Rajarethinam, Jayanthi; Koo, Carmen; Liang, Shaohong; Hapuarachchi, Hapuarachchige Chanditha; Chong, Chee-Seng; Ng, Lee-Ching; Yap, Grace
2018Dengue in Singapore from 2004 to 2016 : cyclical epidemic patterns dominated by serotypes 1 and 2Rajarethinam, Jayanthi; Ang, Li-Wei; Ong, Janet; Ycasas, Joyce; Hapuarachchi, Hapuarachchige Chanditha; Yap, Grace; Chong, Chee-Seng; Lai, Yee-Ling; Cutter, Jeffery; Ho, Derek; Lee, Vernon; Ng, Lee-Ching
2014Diagnosing dengue at the point-of-care : utility of a rapid combined diagnostic kit in SingaporeGan, Victor C.; Tan, Li-Kiang; Lye, David C.; Pok, Kwoon-Yong; Mok, Shi-Qi; Chua, Rachel Choon-Rong; Leo, Yee-Sin; Ng, Lee-Ching
2020Distribution and seasonal fluctuations of Ae. aegypti and Ae. albopictus larval and pupae in residential areas in an urban landscapeRajarethinam, Jayanthi; Ong, Janet; Neo, Zhi-Wei; Ng, Lee-Ching; Aik, Joel
2016Epidemic resurgence of dengue fever in Singapore in 2013-2014 : a virological and entomological perspectiveHapuarachchi, Hapuarachchige Chanditha; Koo, Carmen; Rajarethinam, Jayanthi; Chong, Chee-Seng; Lin, Cui; Yap, Grace; Liu, Lilac; Lai, Yee-Ling; Ooi, Peng Lim; Cutter, Jeffery; Ng, Lee-Ching
2020Gravitrap deployment for adult Aedes aegypti surveillance and its impact on dengue casesOng, Janet; Chong, Chee-Seng; Yap, Grace; Lee, Caleb; Muhammad Aliff Abdul Razak; Chiang, Suzanna; Ng, Lee-Ching
2013Haze and dengue : the unanswered questionsEarnest, Arul; Wilder-Smith, Annelies; Ma, Stefan; Ng, Lee-Ching
2018Highly selective transmission success of dengue virus type 1 lineages in a dynamic virus population : an evolutionary and fitness perspectiveKoo, Carmen; Tien, Wei Ping; Xu, Helen; Ong, Janet; Rajarethinam, Jayanthi; Lai, Yee Ling; Ng, Lee-Ching; Hapuarachchi, Hapuarachchige Chanditha
2016Membrane feeding of dengue patient’s blood as a substitute for direct skin feeding in studying Aedes-dengue virus interactionTan, Cheong-Huat; Wong, Pei-Sze Jeslyn; Li, Mei-Zhi Irene; Yang, Hui-Ting; Chong, Chee-Seng; Lee, Linda K.; Yuan, Shi; Leo, Yee-Sin; Ng, Lee-Ching; Lye, David C.
2018Mosquitoes (Diptera : Culicidae) of Singapore : updated checklist and new recordsLam-Phua, Sai-Gek; Yeo, Huiqing; Lee, Ruth Mee-Lian; Chong, Chee-Seng; Png, Ah-Bah; Foo, Siew-Yoong; Liew, Christina; Ng, Lee-Ching; Tang, Choon-Siang; Rueda, Leopoldo M; Pecor, James E.; Harrison, Bruce A.
2017SYBR green-based one step quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction assay for the detection of Zika virus in field-caught mosquitoesTien, Wei-Ping; Lim, Gareth; Yeo, Gladys; Chiang, Suzanna Nicole; Chong, Chee-Seng; Ng, Lee-Ching; Hapuarachchi, Hapuarachchige Chanditha
2019Using human movement data to identify potential areas of Zika transmission : case study of the largest Zika cluster in SingaporeRajarethinam, Jayanthi; Ong, Janet; Lim, Shi-Hui; Tay, Yu-Heng; Bounliphone, Wacha; Chong, Chee-Seng; Yap, Grace; Ng, Lee-Ching