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2018Anti-fouling graphene-based membranes for effective water desalinationSeo, Dong Han; Pineda, Shafique; Woo, Yun Chul; Xie, Ming; Murdock, Adrian T.; Ang, Elisa Y. M.; Jiao, Yalong; Park, Myoung Jun; Lim, Sung Il; Lawn, Malcolm; Borghi, Fabricio Frizera; Han, Zhao Jun; Gray, Stephen; Millar, Graeme; Du, Aijun; Shon, Ho Kyong; Ng, Teng Yong; Ostrikov, Kostya
 2012Comparing the effects of dispersed Stone–Thrower–Wales defects and double vacancies on the thermal conductivity of graphene nanoribbonsYeo, Jing Jie; Liu, Zishun; Ng, Teng Yong
 2013Deformation kinetics of pH-sensitive hydrogelsToh, William; Ng, Teng Yong; Liu, Zishun; Hu, Jianying
2016Dissipative Particle Dynamics Study of Ultraviolet Ink Agglomeration in 3D Inkjet PrintingSuphanat, Aphinyan; Yeo, Jingjie; Ng, Teng Yong; Geethalakshmi, Kanuvakkarai Rangaswamy
2015Effect of Cu Content on Atomic Positions of Ti50Ni50−xCux Shape Memory Alloys Based on Density Functional Theory CalculationsGou, Liangliang; Liu, Yong; Ng, Teng Yong
 2013Enhanced thermal characterization of silica aerogels through molecular dynamics simulationYeo, Jing Jie; Liu, Z. S.; Ng, Teng Yong
2006First principle modeling and simulation of hydrogen interaction with carbon nanotubesRen, Yunxia.
2012Molecular dynamics modeling and simulations of carbon nanotube-based gearsChe, Lokman Jaafar; Ng, Teng Yong; Yeak, Su Hoe
 2012A molecular dynamics study of the thermal conductivity of graphene nanoribbons containing dispersed Stone–Thrower–Wales defectsNg, Teng Yong; Yeo, Jing Jie; Liu, Zishun
 2012A molecular dynamics study of the thermal conductivity of nanoporous silica aerogel, obtained through negative pressure rupturingNg, Teng Yong; Yeo, Jing Jie; Liu, Zishun
2018Numerical study of surfactants’ effect in surface agglomeration during 3D nano-inkjet printing by many-body dissipative particle dynamicsAphinyan, Suphanat; Ang, Elisa Yun Mei; Geethalakshmi, K. R.; Yeo, Jingjie; Lin, Rongming; Ng, Teng Yong
2017Pattern switching in soft cellular structures and hydrogel-elastomer composite materials under compressionHu, Jianying; Zhou, Yu; Liu, Zishun; Ng, Teng Yong
2018Secure image encryption based on an ideal new nonlinear discrete dynamical systemLin, M. Rongming; Ng, Teng Yong
2014Superlubricity-activated thinning of graphite flakes compressed by passivated crystalline silicon substrates for graphene exfoliationShakouri, Amir; Yeo, Jingjie; Ng, Teng Yong; Liu, Zishun; Taylor, Hayden
2016Tracking of a moving ground target by a quadrotor using a backstepping approach based on a full state cascaded dynamicsTan, Chun Kiat; Wang, Jianliang; Paw, Yew Chai; Ng, Teng Yong
 2015Wrinkling of a polymeric gel during transient swellingToh, William; Ding, Zhiwei; Liu, Zishun; Ng, Teng Yong