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2019Degree and centrality-based approaches in network-based variable selection : insights from the Singapore Longitudinal Aging StudyValenzuela, Jesus Felix Bayta; Monterola, Christopher; Tong, Victor Joo Chuan; Fülöp, Tamàs; Ng, Tze Pin; Larbi, Anis
2017Health and disease phenotyping in old age using a cluster network analysisValenzuela, Jesus Felix; Monterola, Christopher; Tong, Victor Joo Chuan; Ng, Tze Pin; Larbi, Anis
2019Mapping of γ/δ t cells reveals vδ2+ t cells resistance to senescenceXu, Weili; Monaco, Gianni; Wong, Eleanor Huijin; Tan, Wilson Lek Wen; Kared, Hassen; Simoni, Yannick; Tan, Shu Wen; How, Wilson Zhi Yong; Tan, Crystal Tze Ying; Lee, Bernett Teck Kwong; Carbajo, Daniel; K.G., Srinivasan; Low, Ivy Chay Huang; Mok, Esther Wing Hei; Foo, Shihui; Lum, Josephine; Tey, Hong Liang; Tan, Wee Ping; Poidinger, Michael; Newell, Evan; Ng, Tze Pin; Foo, Roger; Akbar, Arne N.; Fülöp, Tamas; Larbi, Anis