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 2014Configurable three-dimensional boron nitride-carbon architecture and its tunable electronic behavior with stable thermal performancesLoeblein, Manuela; Tay, Roland Yingjie; Tsang, Siu Hon; Ng, Wei Beng; Teo, Edwin Hang Tong
 2018Fluorescence-based immunosensor using three-dimensional CNT network structure for sensitive and reproducible detection of oral squamous cell carcinoma biomarkerSong, Chung Kil; Oh, Eunkyul; Kang, Min Sung; Shin, Bum Seok; Han, Soo Young; Jung, Mingi; Lee, Eui Seok; Yoon, Soo-Young; Sung, Myung Mo; Ng, Wei Beng; Cho, Nam-Joon; Lee, Haiwon
 2016Graphene-Functionalized Natural Microcapsules: Modular Building Blocks for Ultrahigh Sensitivity Bioelectronic PlatformsWang, Lili; Ng, Wei Beng; Cho, Nam-Joon; Jackman, Joshua Alexander
2021Modulation of human mesenchymal stem cells by electrical stimulation using an enzymatic biofuel cellJeon, Won-Yong; Mun, Seyoung; Ng, Wei Beng; Kang, Keunsoo; Han, Kyudong; Hwang, Sohyun; Kim, Hyug-Han; Lee, Jae Ho
 2015Plasmonic Nanohole Sensor for Capturing Single Virus-Like Particles toward Virucidal Drug EvaluationJackman, Joshua Alexander; Linardy, Eric; Yoo, Daehan; Seo, Jeongeun; Ng, Wei Beng; Klemme, Daniel J.; Wittenberg, Nathan J.; Oh, Sang-Hyun; Cho, Nam-Joon
2016Preparation of Highly Monodisperse Electroactive Pollen BiocompositesSeo, Jeongeun; Wang, Lili; Ng, Wei Beng; Cho, Nam-Joon
2019Validation of size estimation of nanoparticle tracking analysis on polydisperse macromolecule assemblyKim, Ahram; Ng, Wei Beng; Bernt, William; Cho, Nam-Joon