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 2012Broadband terahertz plasmonic response of touching InSb disksHanham, S. M.; Fernández-Domínguez, A. I.; Teng, Jing Hua; Ang, S. S.; Lim, K. P.; Yoon, Soon Fatt; Ngo, C. Y.; Klein, N.; Pendry, J. B.; Maier, Stefan A.
 2012Characteristics of InAs/InGaAs/GaAs QDs on GeOI substrates with single-peak 1.3 µm room-temperature emissionLiang, Y. Y.; Ngo, C. Y.; Fitzgerald, Eugene A.; Yoon, Soon Fatt; Loke, Wan Khai
 2011InAs/GaAs quantum dots on germanium-on-insulator-on-silicon substrates (GeOI) using molecular beam epitaxyFitzgerald, Eugene A.; Liang, Y. Y.; Ngo, C. Y.; Yoon, Soon Fatt; Loke, Wan Khai
2007Tuning InAs quantum dots for high areal density and wideband emissionNgo, C. Y.; Chua, S. J.; Yoon, Soon Fatt; Fan, Weijun