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2017A case study on the evacuation of deep mega underground development in SingaporeNg, Yan Hao; Nguyen, Minh Phuong; Tan, Kang Hai; Ng, Kian Wee
 2015Engineered cementitious composites for effective strengthening of unreinforced masonry wallsMaalej, M.; Lin, V. W. J.; Nguyen, Minh Phuong; Quek, S. T.
2010Strengthening of masonry walls using hybrid-fiber engineered cementitious compositeLin, V. W. J.; Quek, S. T.; Nguyen, Minh Phuong; Maalej, M.
2015Structural Behavior of CHS T-Joints Subjected to Static In-Plane Bending in Fire ConditionsFung, Tat Ching; Tan, K. H.; Nguyen, Minh Phuong
 2013Structural behaviour of CHS T-joints subjected to brace axial compression in fire conditionTan, Kang Hai; Fung, Tat Ching; Nguyen, Minh Phuong