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 2011Ethanol electro-oxidation activity of Nb-doped-TiO2 supported PdAg catalysts in alkaline mediaNguyen, Son Truong; Yang, Yanhui; Wang, Xin
 2012Excellent durability of substoichiometric titanium oxide as a catalyst support for Pd in alkaline direct ethanol fuel cellsNguyen, Son Truong; Lee, Jong-Min; Yang, Yanhui; Wang, Xin
 2013Hierarchical porous nickel oxide–carbon nanotubes as advanced pseudocapacitor materials for supercapacitorsZhang, Xiang; Rinaldi, Ali; Nguyen, Son Truong; Liu, Huihui; Lei, Zhibin; Lu, Li; Duong, Hai Minh; Su, Aldwin D.
 2012Morphology control and thermal stability of binderless-graphene aerogels from graphite for energy storage applicationsNguyen, Son Truong; Nguyen, Hoa Tien; Rinaldi, Ali; Nguyen, Nam P. V.; Fan, Zeng; Duong, Hai Minh