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2019Analysis of jacking forces during pipe jacking in granular materials using particle methodsJi, Xinbo; Ni, Pengpeng; Barla, Marco
 2019Bearing capacity of composite ground with soil-cement columns under earth fills : physical and numerical modelingNi, Pengpeng; Yi, Yaolin; Liu, Songyu
2019Comparison of reactive magnesia, quick lime, and ordinary Portland cement for stabilization/solidification of heavy metal-contaminated soilsLi, Wentao; Ni, Pengpeng; Yi, Yaolin
 2019Effect of vacuum removal on consolidation settlement under a combined vacuum and surcharge preloadingNi, Pengpeng; Xu, Kai; Mei, Guoxiong; Zhao, Yanlin
 2019Field evaluation of subgrade soils under dynamic loads using orthogonal earth pressure transducersLin, Peiyuan; Tang, Liansheng; Ni, Pengpeng
 2019A method to estimate the jacking force for pipe jacking in sandy soilsJi, Xinbo; Zhao, Wen; Ni, Pengpeng; Barla, Marco; Han, Jianyong; Jia, Pengjiao; Chen, Yang; Zhang, Chaozhe
2018Numerical investigation of T-shaped soil-cement column supported embankment over soft groundYi, Yaolin; Ni, Pengpeng; Liu, Songyu
2018Numerical study of earth pressures on rigid pipes with tire-derived aggregate inclusionsNi, Pengpeng; Qin, X.; Yi, Yaolin
 2019One-dimensional self-weight consolidation with continuous drainage boundary conditions : solution and application to clay-drain reclamationFeng, Jianxue; Ni, Pengpeng; Mei, Guoxiong
 2020Plane-strain consolidation theory with distributed drainage boundaryChen, Z.; Ni, Pengpeng; Chen, Y.; Mei, G.
2018Three-dimensional reconstruction and growth factor model for rock cracks under uniaxial cyclic loading/unloading by X-ray CTWang, Chunlai; Gao, Ansen; Shi, Feng; Hou, Xiaolin; Ni, Pengpeng; Ba, Deyang