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2017Complexation of Polyelectrolytes with Hydrophobic Drug Molecules in Salt-Free Solution: Theory and SimulationsLei, Qun-li; Hadinoto, Kunn; Ni, Ran
2017Driving dynamic colloidal assembly using eccentric self-propelled colloidsMa, Zhan; Lei, Qun-li; Ni, Ran
2018Entropy Stabilizes Floppy Crystals of Mobile DNA-Coated ColloidsHu, Hao; Ruiz, Pablo Sampedro; Ni, Ran
2019Melting and re-entrant melting of polydisperse hard disksRuiz, Sampedro Pablo; Lei, Qun-Li; Ni, Ran
2019Nonequilibrium strongly hyperuniform fluids of circle active particles with large local density fluctuationsLei, Qun-Li; Ciamarra, Massimo Pica; Ni, Ran
2017Role of local assembly in the hierarchical crystallization of associating colloidal hard hemispheresLei, Qun-li; Hadinoto, Kunn; Ni, Ran
2018Self-assembled chiral photonic crystals from a colloidal helix racemateLei, Qun-li; Ni, Ran; Ma, Yu-qiang
2017Self-Assembly of Semiconducting Polymer Amphiphiles for In Vivo Photoacoustic ImagingXie, Chen; Zhen, Xu; Lei, Qunli; Ni, Ran; Pu, Kanyi
2020The stability phase diagram of active Brownian particlesNie, Pin; Chattoraj, Joyjit; Piscitelli, Antonio; Doyle, Patrick; Ni, Ran; Pica Ciamarra, Massimo