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2017The effects of core-reflected waves on finite fault inversions with teleseismic body wave dataQian, Yunyi; Ni, Sidao; Wei, Shengji; Almeida, Rafael; Zhang, Han
2018An SEM-DSM three-dimensional hybrid method for modelling teleseismic waves with complicated source-side structuresWu, Wenbo; Ni, Sidao; Zhan, Zhongwen; Wei, Shengji
2019Teleseismic waveform complexities caused by near trench structures and their impacts on earthquake source study : application to the 2015 Illapel aftershocks (Central Chile)Qian, Yunyi; Wei, Shengji; Wu, Wenbo; Zeng, Hongyu; Coudurier‐Curveur, Aurélie; Ni, Sidao